Fuel Credit Cards From CreditCards4u

Fuel credit cards allow consumers to earn higher cash back rebates on fuel purchases along with other purchases. With Fuel credit cards you can reduce the high cost of driving and also your everyday credit card spending. Apply for the Fuel Credit Card of your choice today by completing a secure online application.e.g:INDIANOIL CITIBANK PLATINUM CREDIT CARD.



We are also providing the websites & applications in the CMS like WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop & many other langauages CMS. Our all the CMS websites are secure. Our each CMS website is unique for every client with attractive design & templates.


Niteo Furnitures

Manufactures of Space Saving Furnitures e.g Sofa Cum Double Bed,Sofas,Shoe Rack,Center Table & Chairs



SOLTEX incorporates one of the best in-class technologies to produce their black masterbatches with highest levels of dispersion and carbon black loading levels.


Mechanical Tensioners

Directly Replace Any Type Of Nut.Provided Hands Free, Temperatures Up To 538C,Unprecedented Bolt Load Accuracy To + 5%,Reaction Free Bolting, Pure Tensile Load, 100 % Elimination Of Galling On Flange Stud Surfaces, Reaction Bolt Tension, Accuracy And Reliability Available Wind, Power Generation ,Oil And Gas,Heavy Duty Head Shed Mechanical Tensioner (CSHSHDST-01-A):Designed to provide adjustable tension to the cleaner.Suited to locations that are not difficult to access.Requires tension be monitored and adjusted as the blade wears.Lower cost system but requires more maintenance attention during its life. No risk of losing cleaning ability because of a failed air or water supply.


10 kW Wind Turbine System

ABS 10 kW wind turbine system is sophistically designed & developed to fulfill the power requirements of developing regions of countries. ABS 10 kW wind turbine system is designed to provide effective results at various places like rural region, education institutes, residential complexes, industrial hubs & many other places with minimum wind velocity.The Wind Turbine System is commonly divided into three sections:-PM Generator It converts kinetic energy into electrical energy.Nacelle It contains key components of wind turbine system.Tower Provides support for nacelle & PM generator mounting.We offer 10 kW Off Grid/ stand-alone & On Grid wind turbine system classified into two models based on technology used.


Cap Sleeve Applicator

The services available are:Fully automatic operation Fitted with digital PLC control.No bottle - No sleeve feature (eliminates wastage).Rotary cutting system.Can handle round glass/plastic bottles.Speed of 40 bottles to 300 bottles/min depending on the cut length of the sleeve.Servo motors for more accuracy.Height adjustments to suit various bottle sizes.Eye mark sensor for accurate cutting in printed sleeves.Can easily be synchronized with a tunnel.


Buy Sofas Online

Different Types Of Online sofas are Available.e.g 2 seater,3 seater.


Crack Detection

Pegasys Straightening Machines are offered with an option of Acoustic Emission based Crack Detection Systems. Pegasys can offer this technology for Manual Press Stations as well as other locations for in-process crack detection. Technology Parts emit high frequency sound energy when there is creation or propagation of a crack. This energy can be monitored and measured using appropriate sensors. By study, various thresholds can be set to enable detection of the crack creation or propagation.